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This will allow you to crowdsource topics your colleagues want to talk about and design a more relevant agenda. You can also gather your teammates’ questions directly from your Slack channel with our Slido x Slack integration. If you use screen sharing to show slides to the rest of the team, make the slides as simple as possible. Attending a meeting online demands even more attention than an in-person meeting. Avoid content-heavy presentation slides or your online colleagues may easily tune out.
How do you conduct a remote meeting
All business meetings should be essential, including remote meetings with your team. Whether you’re hosting a business conference, catching up with friends, or collaborating on a project, the right online meeting platform can make all the difference. However, with the right approach, it can be a productive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. By keeping the meeting concise, purposeful, and engaging, you can create a space where all participants can contribute and feel valued. Your team can assign a specific task to make the next virtual meeting fun for a different person each time.

Clarify action items

For instance, at Slido, we begin every remote meeting with a quick thumbs up check and only then proceed to the main content. Also, encourage them to post their questions in advance (see the previous point). This will allow you to incorporate their points into the discussion and make them feel included as they watch the recording later. Nothing beats the personal touch but sometimes, meeting remotely is the only way. After creating the agenda, send it to participants before the meeting. The appropriate time to send the agenda ranges from a few days to a week before the meeting.

When establishing rapport and building trust with employees through remote meetings, it’s important to let your team know what’s actually expected of them. Working remotely is still a relatively new concept for some people. And everyone on the team should understand the company’s policy in order to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Guide for Running Virtual Meetings

You should even restrict the access you grant to Typetalk and Trello to specific channels or boards. In-person or virtually, you can easily derail stand-ups with topics and conversations unrelated to the meeting. This is where the lead needs to step in and have the members “take it offline” for further elaboration.
How do you conduct a remote meeting
Virtual meetings include gatherings like virtual board meetings or remote team meetings–which can be highly productive and engaging for a number of participants. When conducting your remote meetings as a video conference, take advantage of what’s really possible with the format. Use it to livestream any events that remote employees otherwise can’t attend, such as quarterly all-hands meetings or training workshops. For team members who are unable to participate live, make recordings of the video meeting that can be shared for viewing at a later time.

“ All meetings are not created equal. Each type of meeting requires a different approach ”

These file-sharing tools allow your team to exchange all types of files with each other. In a traditional office, you’d physically check-in on your employees and their task progress. All you have to do is go over to their desk and see how things are going on. After all, video recording is more efficient than just taking down notes. This way, you can ensure everyone in the team knows what the next steps are — and each person is aware of what they’re responsible for. This way, everyone will focus on achieving the goal during the meeting and not get carried away with other ideas.
How do you conduct a remote meeting
Keep in mind that after 50 minutes, most people will need a break before continuing. However, even if you have remote workers on a video call, use names when addressing or calling on someone during a meeting so that everyone is aware of who’s talking. This can also help employees learn everyone’s name if it’s a particularly large meeting or if your meetings are only occasional. This is perhaps just as important as everything that has already been mentioned.
How do you conduct a remote meeting
When working remotely, you never know what can happen—a dog barks, a child runs into your room, the doorbell rings. By holding your meeting in a quiet workspace (not a cafe) and using noise-canceling technology, you can limit distractions and how much they affect your coworkers. Plus, as a manager, you can use Hubstaff Insights to determine how much money is being spent on payroll while your team is in meetings. This can be a great way to determine the cost of unproductive meetings — a data point that interests executives, stakeholders, and employees alike.

  • Some people find more than once every two weeks is invasive and unnecessary, and others need multiple calls per week.
  • Then, once you’ve started the meeting, do your best to adhere to the agenda you created in order to end the meeting on time.
  • Xena keeps track of deliverables and finds time for it on your calendar.
  • This is perhaps just as important as everything that has already been mentioned.

As I mentioned earlier, not all meetings have to be about work nor do they have to be all-suited-up ones. This way, you can escape how to run a effective remote meeting the loop of meetings and not attend one after the other. Every meeting should have a different structure based on its objective.

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